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Vinyl Roll Sheet

Healthcare, Anti-static, and Transport floor solution.


Alabama (Non-Directional)

GLOBALFLOR® ALABAMA is a homogeneous pressed compacted floorcovering in sheet, with non-directional design, even colors throughout the whole thickness and a matt finish. Its surface is densely compacted for improved wear and ease of maintenance.It is treated with CleancareTM surface treatment, the latest improvement in polyurethane surface treatment obtained by UV curing technology. A hydrophobic surface technique strengthens the chemical resistance performance of flooring, especially iodine and its relevant solution which are frequently used in hospital. The test in lab shown iodine solution could be easily wipe off after 24 hours.

Dakota plus (Directional)

GLOBALFLOR® DAKOTA PLUS is available in an amazing palette of 20 colors across a rangeof formats and accessories, homogeneous PVC flooring roll, a genuine multi-solution offeradapted for commercial, transportation, education and healthcare facilities.The flooring complies with the EN 649 (34-43) and has a Group P wear rating. As the upgradeversion of Dakota, benefited from PUR+ surface treatment, this collection offers extremedurability as well as superior wear, scratch, stain and abrasion resistance for heavy-trafficareas, giving it one of the best life-cycle cost on the market.