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Healthcare, Anti-static, and Transport floor solution.

Anti-Static Flooring WAX

Product Features

950 Anti-Static wax adopts advanced conductive polymers prepared by the special craft, and has good flowing property, high loading, in-elasticity, dust-proof, durable and efficient electrostatic evacuation. Floor with this floor wax maintain durable anti-static property, in low humidity environment electrostatic evacuation process can be completed in 0.1 seconds.

Product Code #950
Quantity / Weight 1 gallon/barrel (3.7kg)
Applicable materials Conductive and static dissipative floor
Applicable area 150-180 m2/barrel
Waiting time to prior to installation About 20 minutes
Surface resistance 105-108 Ohm
Volume resistivity 105-108 Ohm
Custody 5oC -450C Avoid direct sunlight
Caution (23oC) 12 months



Operation method

Thoroughly clean and dry the floor. Use clean wax brusher, lay this product evenly over to the floor. Floor can be used after wax layer being thoroughly dry up (according to local environment condition, about 20 minutes).May suggest repeating times of waxing depends of requirement.


  1. Applying the wax in well ventilated environment.
  2. Discard the used wax on brush.
  3. If splashed in eyes, wash with clear water and see a doctor immediately.